Ranking Top 20 Dallas Cowboys Quarterbacks in Franchise History (Part 1)

Embark on a captivating journey through the vibrant tapestry of the Dallas Cowboys‘ quarterback history, where the most exceptional signal-callers have etched an enduring legacy in the annals of the sport. This compilation pays tribute to the extraordinary skill and leadership displayed by the premier Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks, tracing their evolution from past luminaries to the contemporary heroes of today. Uncover the compelling stories behind the former quarterbacks of the Dallas Cowboys, each leaving an indelible mark on the franchise with their distinctive athletic prowess.


As stewards of the offense and the embodiment of the franchise, the Cowboys’ quarterbacks transcend their roles as mere players, standing as pivotal pillars in the team’s identity. Their rich contributions to the history of Cowboys quarterbacks epitomize a profound comprehension of the game and an innate ability to rally their teammates to triumph.

Within this esteemed lineage reside quarterbacks who have ascended to legendary status, names resonating not only within the context of Dallas QB history but reverberating across the broader realm of the sport. This illustrious list encompasses revered figures immortalized as part of the Dallas Cowboys’ past quarterback pantheon, including luminaries such as Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, and Tony Romo, alongside the current trailblazer, Dak Prescott.

More than a retrospective glance at former quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys, this compilation serves as an interactive platform for fans. Here, your votes inject perspective into the query—among this array of talent, who truly stands as the preeminent Cowboys quarterback? Immerse yourself in the legacy of the erstwhile Cowboys QBs, actively participating in shaping the narrative surrounding the deserving individual for the title of the greatest in this storied history.

Top 20: Steve Walsh

Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 1989

Joining the Cowboys in 1989 as a first-round supplemental draft pick, Steve Walsh brought a winning pedigree to the team after a successful college career. As a backup quarterback to Troy Aikman, Walsh offered valuable competition and pushed his teammate to excel. Although his stint in Dallas was brief, he displayed a strong arm and quick decision-making skills. Walsh’s commitment to the team helped shape the franchise during a crucial turning point in its history.

Top 19. Jon Kitna

Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 2010

Arriving in Dallas in 2009 as a seasoned veteran, Jon Kitna brought stability and experience to the Cowboys during a tumultuous period. With Tony Romo sidelined due to injury, Kitna stepped in as the starting quarterback and displayed toughness, intelligence, and a strong arm. Although his time in Dallas was brief, he provided leadership and mentorship to a young Romo and played a significant role in the team’s development. Kitna’s unwavering commitment to the Cowboys helped set the stage for future success.





Top 18. Steve Pelluer

Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 1986 – 1988

Steve Pelluer was drafted by the Cowboys in the fifth round of the 1984 NFL Draft as a potential successor to Danny White. Known for his mobility and strong arm, Pelluer showcased promise during his tenure in Dallas. Though he never solidified the starting role, his play style and dedication left an impression on the franchise. Pelluer’s perseverance and determination to succeed on the field contributed to the team’s efforts during the mid-1980s.

Top 17. Jason Garrett

Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 1993 – 1999

Before becoming the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett served as a backup quarterback for the team from 1993 to 1999. Renowned for his intelligence and understanding of the game, Garrett played a crucial role in supporting Troy Aikman during the team’s dominant days in the 1990s. His most memorable performance came on Thanksgiving Day in 1994 when he stepped in for an injured Aikman, leading the Cowboys to a rousing victory over the Green Bay Packers. Although Garrett’s on-field career may have been overshadowed by his coaching tenure, his passion and dedication to the franchise cannot be denied.


Top 16. Randall Cunningham


Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 2000

Veteran quarterback Randall Cunningham joined the Cowboys in 2000, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a storied career, which included stints with the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings. Known for his lightning-fast speed and elusive scrambling ability, Cunningham provided a unique skill set to the Cowboys’ offense. As a backup quarterback, he offered valuable leadership and insight for the team. Though his tenure in Dallas was short-lived, his contributions to the organization were well-respected and appreciated.


Top 15: Gary Hogeboom

Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 1984 – 1985

Gary Hogeboom, a fifth-round draft pick in 1980, spent six seasons with the Cowboys as a backup quarterback behind starter Danny White. Known for his strong arm and ability to make deep throws, Hogeboom had flashes of brilliance on the field when given the opportunity to play. Despite never claiming the starting role on a permanent basis, he displayed grit and determination that resonated with fans during his tenure with the team. Hogeboom’s contributions to the Cowboys’ success in the 1980s, albeit limited, showcased his talent and commitment.


Top 14: Bernie Kosar

Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 1993

Famed for his illustrious career with the Cleveland Browns, Bernie Kosar arrived in Dallas in 1993, serving primarily as a backup. His experience and tactical mind made him a valuable resource for the team, and he contributed to their Super Bowl XXVIII championship. Possessing an uncanny ability to read defenses, Kosar’s time in Dallas may have been brief, but his impact cannot be overlooked. His brief stint with the Cowboys adds another layer to their storied history.


Top 13: Vinny Testaverde

Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 2004

With an extensive career before his arrival, Vinny Testaverde joined the Cowboys in 2004 at the tail end of his playing days. The seasoned veteran provided experience and stability at the quarterback position, utilizing his strong arm and command of the offense to guide the team through a rebuilding phase. Though his time in Dallas was brief, Testaverde’s commitment to the team and work ethic made a lasting impact on the organization and younger players.

Top 12: Wade Wilson

Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 1996

Arriving in Dallas in 1995, Wade Wilson brought invaluable experience to a team seeking to extend its championship window. Though primarily serving as a backup to Troy Aikman, Wilson’s poise and knowledge of the game made him an essential mentor for the younger quarterback. With a strong arm and quick decision-making, Wilson played a role in the Cowboys’ success throughout the ’90s. His presence in the quarterback room undoubtedly contributed to the team’s dominance during that era.

Top 11: Steve Beuerlein

Dallas Cowboys Seasons: 1991

After joining the Cowboys in 1991, Steve Beuerlein solidified his place on the team when he stepped in for an injured Troy Aikman. Known for his strong arm and pocket presence, Beuerlein played a significant role in the Cowboys’ 1991 playoff run, eventually starting in the postseason. Though their playoff hopes were dashed that year, Beuerlein’s performance and poise under pressure demonstrated his importance to the team during a crucial period. The versatile veteran played a vital role in helping the team reach new heights.


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