Sean Wainui’s wife Paige pays moving homage to the late rugby hero on the one-year mark

Sean Wainui’s widow has paid homage to her late husband on the one-year anniversary of his terrible death.

A single-vehicle collision at Tauranga claimed the life of a Mori All Blacks, Chiefs, and Crusaders star, shocking the rugby world.

On Tuesday, his wife Paige and family paid a visit to Te Wainui Marae in Gisborne, where he was buried.

Paige shared photographs and a video of the family excursion on Instagram as a memorial to her late husband and their kid Kawairiki.

She captioned the photo, “One year ago today, our world, my life, the person I was, everything me and my babies knew changed forever.

“I don’t know if I have the correct words today, but it just took three taps at my front door for our entire world to crumble.

“I had intended to, but right now, being next to you and your marae, awa, and whenua, as well as being surrounded by our children, our whnau, and our friends, is all that matters.

“I feel you all around me so much, and it is just so serene, darling,” the speaker says.

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